2017 Municipal Election Sunday November 5th

Note to candidates for council – as we’re now in the advanced poll, the WMA will not be requesting that you answer any questions we might provide.

Public Meet The Candidates Events

The mandate of the WMA is to organize a Meet The Candidates event for the municipal election. As there are many candidates for council and the mayorality, this year, we will be hosting two public meetings in Victoria Hall. The event for candidates running for council was held on October 18th and was moderated by Bernard St Laurent.

Not sure which district you’re in – consult the electoral map

Meet The Mayoral Candidates 25th October Victoria Hall 19:00 – 22:00

Mike Finnerty - credit CBC

Mike Finnerty

Guest Moderated by CBC Daybreak Host Mike Finnerty

Doors open to the public at 18:30
The candidates will present a 6 minute opening speech, in an order drawn by chance just prior to the start of the meeting. The floor will then be opened to the public for questions.  Each questioner must state their name and district and will be given 60 seconds to pose their question, no exceptions. After the public question period is over, by 21:45 at the latest, the candidates, in a second order determined by a draw, will be given 4 minutes to deliver their closing remarks.

Outgoing Councilor District 1 Outgoing Mayor New Candidate