The Westmount Municipal Association (WMA) Board has adopted the following Mission, Mandate, Principles and Guidelines:


The Westmount Municipal Association is a volunteer organization devoted to promoting responsible and responsive municipal government in Westmount.


The WMA exists to promote and support activities and policies that enhance Westmount’s quality of life and its reputation as a respectful and caring community in which to live, study and work.

The WMA provides a vehicle for citizen contact with municipal government by assisting residents individually to communicate their concerns and by providing non-partisan forums for the public exchange of views and information.

The WMA encourages individual participation in community activities and municipal government.


The WMA develops policy and position statements that fairly represent the views of its members on relevant municipal issues.

The WMA seeks to reach consensus on all relevant issues.

The WMA depends upon its members for the resources, assistance and cooperation to carry out its activities.


The WMA promotes the following values:

  • Integrity
  • Respect for all citizens
  • Respect for Westmount’s heritage
  • Respect for the environment and sustainability
  • Accountability
  • A sense of service
  • Transparency and openness in communications

The assets of the WMA are:

  • Its reputation and history
  • Its credibility and influence
  • Its non-partisanship
  • Its independence
  • Its cohesiveness
  • The diversity and expertise of its members

Our actions must promote and protect these assets.

Issues and Focus

The WMA’s main criteria for selecting its projects and the issues it addresses are:

  • Pertinence to Westmount
  • Alignment with council issues
  • Relevance to our membership
  • Issues of concern to Westmount citizens to which we can add value

The WMA focuses on key objectives, as opposed to reacting to every issue.Our efforts follow the 80/20 rule: 80% on key issues and 20% on reaction to events.

Our plan of action focuses on two or three key points.


Board members agree that the group position has a greater impact than an individually expressed opinion.

  • A consensus is required for the WMA to take a public position.
  • Board members are free to express personal opinions at Westmount City Council meetings, in the media or in any public forum.
  • Prior to the adoption by the WMA of a public position on any issue, Board members shall indicate that they are speaking in their capacity as private citizens, and not for the WMA.
  • Following the adoption of a public position by the WMA, dissenting Board members shall specify that they are speaking solely in their capacity as private citizens, and not for the WMA.
  • Membership of the WMA Board does not preclude membership in other associations.

The Portfolios

The role of the portfolios is to enhance communications between the commissioners and the WMA.

WMA portfolio holders offer counsel, test ideas, make suggestions and act as a sounding board for their commissioner counterparts.

Discussions between the portfolio holder and the commissioner are undertaken in a constructive spirit, with a view to increasing mutual trust and transparency.

The Committees of the Board

The committee chair and members are selected by the Board, and their recommendations must be approved by the Board for implementation.

Board meetings

The president is responsible for setting the agenda. Board members are disciplined in adhering to the subject at hand.

The WMA secretary records attendance and takes minutes at every Board meeting.


We are entrusted with upholding the reputation of the WMA, and promoting its values and objectives through our conduct both as Board members and citizens of Westmount.