Youth Engagement

The Westmount Municipal Association and Westmount’s Healthy City Project wants your input in building
a strong community, responsive to your needs. To this end, they have established a Youth Strategy Committee,
charged with

  1. identifying priorities important to Westmount’s youth
  2. identifying existing mechanisms for
    youth involvement in Westmount’s political and social life
  3. proposing new ways for youth to get involved
    in the community (e.g. creating a youth council, non-voting representative on Westmount’s City Council,
    mentoring programs matching community leaders with youth).

This is a youth driven committee. The committee will be made up of 5 community leaders and 15 high school youth who either attend school in Westmount or reside in Westmount.

If you are interested in participating download and complete this Youth Civics Application