Results of the Master Traffic Plan Poll

Results of the WMA Master Traffic Plan Poll

  1. Improve conditions for walking 14.38%
  2. Improve conditions for cycling 10%
  3. Enhance public transportation to provide an alternative to car ownership 10%
  4. Reduce traffic volume on all streets 9.38%
  5. Reduce congestion and delays for vehicular traffic 8.75%
  6. Minimize impact of external projects (e.g. Turcot, MUHC) 8.75%
  7. Make it more difficult for traffic to transit through Westmount 7.5%
  8. Reduce vehicle speeds 6.88%
  9. Add more bikepaths 6.25%
  10. Better management of truck routes and deliveries 5.63%
  11. Better management of parking 5%
  12. Reduce noise and pollution from the transportation system 3.75%

Other suggestions

  • Reduce through traffic on local streets; optimize on collectors and arterials
  • Add more flashing lights for left turns at every corner
  • Open Glen Road MUHC access to bikes and pedestrians
  • Do not close Victoria parking lot
  • Red light cameras
  • None of the above [survey suggestions]

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