Winter Bikepath 2011-2012

It was announced at the Council meeting on Monday 7th November that the Westmount section of the de Maisonneuve bikepath will be kept open during the winter 2011-2012 season. However, the path will be closed for

  • Snow removal operations
  • Locally around construction sites where necessary

As for the projected cost of keeping the path open, as there is no special provision for snow removal this year (snow will be removed from both the bikepath at the same time as the roadway on de Maisonneuve), there will be no additional cost except for whatever revenue may have been generated from the parking meters between Wood and Atwater. Since these meters are not in operation during the rest of the year, it is debatable as to how much revenue, if any, is really lost. It has been suggested to the City that these meters be relocated to streets near by which are currently without meters, e.g. Dorchester Avenue west of Atwater.

Since the announcement of the continued opening of the Westmount section of the path, the borough of NDG/CDN has announced that they will be keeping their section of the path, which connects to the western end of the Westmount section, open also this winter. The more people who commute by bike from NDG to downtown, the fewer cars there will be on the streets of Westmount.

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