Master Traffic Plan presentation to Genivar Consultants

Following the WMA intervention at the August 1st 2011 Council meeting, the Administrative Traffic Committee, under the direction of Duncan Campbell (from the City administration) and Councillor Gary Ikeman, granted the WMA a chance to meet with Eric Peissel and Paul Tétreault of Genivar to present our input into the process of creating the Master Traffic Plan. The WMA was represented by vice president Paul Marriott and our CURA representative, Maureen Kiely. Also present at the same meeting were Daniel Lambert and Roger Jochym of the Westmount Walking and Cycling Association.

The meeting presented the following main topics of concern to the WMA:

  • Urban Environment
  • Local Transportation
  • Aesthetics
  • Livability
  • Perceptions
  • Active Transportation

The Active Transportation topic was a lead in to the WWCA presentation given by Daniel Lambert. Tony Moffat will be pleased to note that the issue of the unsuitability of the Washingtonian lampposts in Westmount was raised as they cause problems for night driving, particularly amongst elderly residents and provide poor illumination of sidewalks.

The meeting lead to some lively discussions between the participants and the consultants. Participants included Councillors Gary Ikeman and Theodora Samiotis (who attended the WMA presentation but was unable to stay for the WWCA one) as well as  Elisa Gaetano, of the Public Works department. The issue of active transportation access to the new MUHC was raised by Maureen Kiely and we were happy to hear that the plans are now to include a bike bridge next to the railway tracks at the Vendome/Decarie “valley of death”. Maureen stressed the importance of providing proper access to the new facility for pedestrians and cyclists and suggested the Glen Road emergency access road could also be used for this.

Jerry Miller’s well written letter to the director of Urban Planning (shown in an earlier posting here: Sustainability Guidelines Questions to PAC) was included in the materials submitted as well as a copy of Emily Sangster’s report on pedestrian and cyclist safety in Westmount, as presented to the WMA in February. A copy of that report is here: RR11-01E-larsen-sangster Finally, the WMA presentation itself can be found here: WMA Genivar Presentation Aug 19 2011

The consultant’s initial report will be presented to council in early September and there will be public hearings organized as well. We were informed that other groups will be making their presentations to Genivar in the next week or so. The WMA pointed out that once Council establishes the vision for the plan, some sort of budgetary process is appropriate so that citizens can understand what will be implemented and at what cost. The plan is intended to present the vision for the next 10-15 year timeframe so it is an important document.

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