50 Things Wrong in Westmount Park

From Patrick Barnard, who compiled notes from Marilynn Gillies, Michelle Harper, and Brigitte St-Laurent.

On Thursday June 27, 2019 four Westmount residents conducted a tour of Westmount Park, seeking to make a list of elements that need fixing.

The four citizens are: Patrick Barnard, Marilynn Gillies, Michelle Harper, and  Brigitte St-Laurent

Emphasis is put on perennials in these notes. A horticulturalist can design attractive, sustainable gardens and plots with blooms throughout the summer. Perennials also have the added benefit of needing to be only planted once, allowing some resources dedicated to planting annuals to be put toward general garden maintenance. We feel that at least one full-time gardener should be hired just to work on the maintenance and care of Westmount Park and the other parks in the municipality.

Almost all trees in Westmount Park need trimming; some are dead.  The many stumps throughout  (we counted at least 15) need to be replaced by trees of a similar type. Originally, the creators of the park sought to plant trees from a very wide variety of species, some rarely seen in the city. 

We have all lived in Westmount for many years and we have seen a constant degradation of the park.  Unfortunately, at this point, a serious intervention is required.

  1. At  the eastern end near the bike-path entrance to the park, there are weeds under the benches and to the south of the benches.
  2. In the same area, the sewer in the hollow near the water hydrant gathers pools of stagnant water and needs levelling.
  3. There are cracks in the cement in this same area, and cracks in the raised flower beds also need fixing.
  4. The care of a proper gardener is needed here; the planting of perennials is recommended.
  5. Moving slightly west, grass portions by the bike path include worn-down patches that need reparation.
  6. Just east of the gazebo there is a stump to be removed – probably by being ground up – and a tree replacement seems desirable.
  7. Weeding is needed along the fence by the bike-path.
  8. East and west of the gazebo there are bare patches and weeds underneath the conifers there.
  9. By the gazebo there are missing cobblestones.
  10. The corners of the walking path west of the gazebo are worn down.
  11. The edges of the walking path need seeding or turf.
  12. A dead tree west of the gazebo needs to be cut.
  13. Walking west, the hedges along the walk path need trimming and “weed tress” should be removed.
  14. Some more benches are needed in the shaded area of the  “green” where Shakespeare-in-the-park often is staged.
  15. There is a dead tree to the south of the walking path and by the bike path. Needs removal.
  16. There is a “weed tree” in the bush by the fire hydrant on the green – needs removal.
  17. By the fenced soccer field – to its north – there is an unmaintained flower bed. Needs maintenance….
  18. Bushes out of control east of the dog-run.
  19. The northern edge of the dog park needs weeding and care.
  20. Around the pond area, all the bare patches should be fixed.
  21. Near the pond, just north of the dog run, benches need to be painted and there are missing cobble-stones.
  22. Cracks in the cement in front of the benches need to be fixed.
  23. Oak east of the pond needs to be trimmed.
  24. The walking path coming west from the northern field needs to be re-sodded on both sides.
  25. Big oak right by the pond railing needs to be trimmed.
  26. The retaining wall south of the pond needs fundamental repair.
  27. A pine near the water cascade is half-dead.
  28. In the toilet facility, the sink is broken in the ladies’ toilet and the ceiling needs to be re-done. The men’s mirror needs to be replaced; the tiling on the floor needs to be fixed; the lights need to be cleaned; the brickwork by the entrance needs fixing.
  29. There is a dead bush and a “weed bush” NE of the toilet area.
  30. The stumps to the NW of the toilets should be removed.
  31. There are damaged bushes to the west of the toilets by the pool of water there.
  32. Walking towards the library from the toilet area, bare patches need to be fixed by seeding or sodding.
  33. The “green area” with picnic tables and the vertical lights needs new grass and the conifers in the NW of the green area need care.
  34. The NW area of this green, near the kids’ area, and a little south of the walking path there needs seeding.
  35. The concrete path just south of the kids’ area needs fixing.
  36. Area just south of the swings needs sodding.
  37. The bushes south of the swings need trimming.
  38. The flower bed SE of the library y needs better, proper flowers and perennials.
  39. East of the library a “weed bush” hides the Japanese lilac. That weed bush should be removed.
  40.  The new benches by the library should be a sort of model for elsewhere.
  41. Comments communicated: “Every body says the park is shabby” and “The park is sad.”
  42. The bushes by the library entrance need trimming.
  43. The small garden area west of the library needs sodding, and perennials.
  44. There are dead trees all along Sherbrooke, particularly to the north of the parking lot.
  45. The whole area in front of the greenhouse needs weeding
  46. Where the cannons used to be – the whole area needs sodding and re-sodding.
  47. SE of the childrens’ area needs seeding and re-sodding.
  48. The area just NE of the chess area needs to be cared for and cleaned.
  49.  Area around the new exercise area and the ping-pong table also needs cleaning and care.
  50. The “Maltese Cross” garden just east of the north field badly needs restoration.

In conclusion, we would like to invite city officials to a stroll in the park with us on a day of their choosing.

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