September 11th: Meet The Candidates – Provincial Election

The WMA will be hosting a Meet The Candidates Night on Tuesday September 11th, starting at 19:00 in Victoria Hall. Well known CBC Political Analyst Bernard St Laurent will moderate the event. These are the candidates who have accepted our invitation to the debate:

  • CAQ : Michelle Morin
  • Conservative: Mikey Colangelo Lauzon
  • Green Party: Sam Kuhn
  • Liberal: Jennifer Maccarone
  • NPD: Nicholas Lawson
  • PQ: Jocelyne Marion Benoit
  • Québec Solidaire: Ekaterina Piskunova

Each candidate will be given two minutes to present their opening position (drawn in random order). After that, a public question and answer session where questioners have 30 seconds to pose their question and the candidates will be given up to two minutes to respond. The questions can be asked to a specific candidate or posed to all, though the moderator will ultimately decide who should respond. Following the end of the public question and answer session, each candidate (in reverse order from the opening) will be given three minutes to present their closing arguments.

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