The WMA remembers Stan Grossman

Stan Grossman, an active member of the Westmount community, passed away on August 24, 2018. A former member of the WMA Board of Directors, he was involved with our activities until the end.

A lifelong Montrealer and longtime Westmount resident, Stan was an energetic organizer of a number of musical events in Westmount Park and at Victoria Hall. He was a frequent attendee at Westmount City Council meetings, asking informed questions and/or querying Council policy. His Letters to the Editor of the Independent were legendary; eloquently addressing the matter at hand.

He was a Westmount resident who truly cared for his community; heenjoyed living here and wanted our city to be the best.

A gentleman who was a friend to many, he will be missed. The WMA extends our sincere sympathy to his wife, Anne Dixon Grossman, and to the members of his extended family.

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