Master Traffic Plan – Public Meeting

The long awaited “terms of reference” for the upcoming Westmount Master Traffic Plan will be given the light of day at a public meeting, to be held at City Hall on Monday March 14th at 19:30.This is an important meeting as the terms of reference will be used to shape traffic policy in the coming years. With the construction of the Westmount Recreation Centre (formerly called The Westmount Arena) as well as the new MUCH hospital, let alone the demolition and reconstruction of the Turcot interchange, there will be many challenges for the City during this time. With the increase in focus on active transportation (i.e. walking and cycling – see also the Westmount Walking and Cycling Association ), it is a golden opportunity to input ideas into the traffic planning process. Westmount does not have any professional urban planners per se – so the whole Master Traffic Plan is being contracted out and it’s the Terms of Reference which will be used to form the mandate for the consultants.

Please plan on participating in this important meeting.

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