Meet The Council Candidates 18th October

Meet The Council Candidates 18th October Victoria Hall 19:00 – 22:00

Bernard St-Laurent - credit CBC

Bernard St-Laurent

Guest Moderated by former CBC Political Analyst Bernard St-Laurent

Doors opened to the public at 18:30

Candidates were  required to meet in the kitchen at Victoria Hall by 18:45. Each candidate, in alphabetical order by district,  presented for 90 seconds. The floor was then opened to the public for questions. Each questioner  stated their name and district and was  given 30 seconds to pose their question. After the public question period was over the candidates, in reverse order, were  given 60 seconds to deliver their closing remarks.

District 1 District 4 District 5
  • Anitra Bostock
  • Antonio D’Amico
  • Kirk Polymenakos
  • Rosalind Davis (Incumbent)
  • Conrad Peart
  • Marina Brzeski
  • Elaine Carsley
  • Gabriel Felcarek
  • Christian Matossian
District 6 District 7 District 8
  • George Fourniotis
  • Mary Gallery
  • Joanne Wallace
  • Cynthia Lulham (Incumbent)
  • Johanna Stosik
  • Kathleen Kez
  • Theodora Samiotis (Incumbent)

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