2017 Derek Walker Volunteer of the Year Recipient

The WMA is delighted to name Lansdowne resident Dan Lambert as the recipient of the 2017 Derek Walker Volunteer of the Year award.

Dan began promoting walking and cycling in 2009 with the co-founding of the Association of Pedestrians and Cyclists of Westmount.

Dan Lambert

Dan Lambert

  • He is also a founding member of the Association of Pedestrians and Cyclists of NDG.
  • The mission of both organizations is simple – to promote walking and cycling in the city.
  • He has dedicated much time to encouraging the municipal authorities to provide safe year-round sidewalks, bike paths and intersections.
  • In Westmount, the association established a popular annual cycling education course for children to help encourage the next generation to use the road safely and to respect other road users.
  • Those efforts have benefited from the support of both the Public Safety department and the Police.
  • Increasingly he is working on Montreal-wide cycling issues through the Montreal Bike Coalition, for which he is a spokesperson.
  • His role in these organizations has meant that he is frequently asked by the media to comment on walking and cycling issues.
  • He also sits on committees, attends meetings and conferences dealing with the future of active transportation in Montreal.
  • He works to encourage municipal and federal authorities to provide safe year-round bike paths in the Montreal area.
  • Safe bike paths are key since the rule ‘you build it they will come’ applies to cycling.

Dan was nominated by John Fretz and will be presented with the award at the 2017 Annual General Meeting, which is being held at 19:00 on Wednesday May 10th in Victoria Hall, following a reception beginning at 18:30.

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