April 10th Board Meeting Agenda

Westmount Municipal Association
Monthly Board Meeting Agenda
Monday, April 10th 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

Location: Reading Room, Westmount Library

Meeting chaired by: Paul Marriott
Minutes taken by: P. Dumais

1 – Meeting call to order 7:00 pm

Present (to be confirmed)

Mavis Young, Allan Koblansky, Marilynn Gillies, Nigel Goddard, Maureen Kiely, Megan Durnford, Liz McCallum, Marcus Martin, Alex Carruthers

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Approval of the 2017-03-13 minutes(draft)

4. Introduction of guests (TBC)

5. Opening remarks from the chair

6. Action items from previous meeting

  • AGM

7. 2016 Standing Committees

  • Finance committee
  • Livability committee
  • Governance

8. New business

  • Membership
  • Resignation of Mayor Trent

9. Annual General Meeting Wednesday 10th May
10. Adjournment

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