Dog Run Location Update

Mayor Trent announced at the Monday 1st June Council meeting that he and his council had been shocked to see the proposed location of the replacement dog run and had ordered work to be suspended. Addressing a packed council chamber, he announced that a redesign would be ordered and that the trees currently marked for removal would not be touched. Landscape architects Hodgins and Associates will be responsible for the general design.

President of the Westmount Park Towers Condominium Association, Jean-Pierre Picard congratulated the Mayor on his decision and sought an assurance that the dog run will never return to the “Lansdowne Park” area (where it had been previously located). The Mayor said that he is not in favour of that location and there were no plans to consider it.

The WMA announced that we are pleased a redesign is going to be undertaken and thanked Director General Mike Deegan for his helpfulness in being receptive to the concerns we raised during the past weeks. Co-President Dr Paul Marriott reminded the Administration that the turning circle in front of the Westmount Park United Church needs attention as well as the plan to relocate a handicapped parking zone for the Contactivity centre to west side of Lansdowne is inappropriate and needs to be addressed during the redesign of this whole area. Co-President Dr Maureen Kiely also asked for clarification from the Mayor as to where the dog run would be located. The Mayor noted that one plan would be to shift the bike path south towards the junior tennis courts (and hence straightening it) and have the dog run to the north of this. Co-President Marriott noted that this configuration would have the advantage of removing conflict between dog owners trying to access the run and cyclists on the bikepath. An assurance was sought from Marriott that plans would be released before construction to groups such as the Association of Pedestrians and Cyclists of Westmount so that the issues seen in last week’s ad hoc design can be avoided.

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