WMA Dog Run Poll

Two weeks ago, we invited our members to take the time to visit the proposed dog run sites and form your own opinions and indicated that we would be conducting a survey of all our members within the next week.

Please fill in the poll below and complete all of the questions. Your responses will determine which questions you are required to answer and all of the answers we receive will be completely anonymous. Please only complete the poll once.

Our aim is to ensure a good rigorous process is followed so that the best decision can be made for all of our members and Westmounters.

Please visit our this blog post for more information, full-sized graphics of the images used in the poll as well as a copy of the Hodgins report that produced the suggested locations.

We will send out a summary of the results as soon as we have a statistically significant number of responses.

Note you may have to scroll down each page of the poll to see all of the contents



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