Dog Run Location Update

Mayor Trent announced at the Monday 1st June Council meeting that he and his council had been shocked to see the proposed location of the replacement dog run and had ordered work to be suspended. Addressing a packed council chamber, he announced that a redesign would be ordered and that the trees currently marked for removal . . . → Read More: Dog Run Location Update

Update on the Westmount Park Issues

Sunday May 31st, 2015.

Mayor Peter Trent contacted the WMA co-president Dr. Maureen Kiely. He told her that he halted activity on the proposed dog run in Westmount Park. Apparently he is ordering a “redesign” and he specifically asked her to pass on this message to you.

Even though the dog run is not specifically on the agenda . . . → Read More: Update on the Westmount Park Issues

Issues at Westmount Park

There have been recent letters in the local media about the state of our beloved parks and there are several issues coming up for Westmount Park, the jewel in our midst inspired by Frederick Law Olmsted.

Many of you might not be aware that the new dog run, promised last October adjacent to the Junior Tennis Courts . . . → Read More: Issues at Westmount Park

Dog Run Poll Results

From President Peter Starr:

Hello WMA members:

On Monday 6th October at Council the people were heard. The new Westmount Park dog run will be created next to the junior tennis courts and the bike path. It will be fenced and hedged for sound.

This solution was achieved in great part due to the efforts of the WMA and . . . → Read More: Dog Run Poll Results

WMA Press Release on the Dog Run Issue

For Immediate Release

WMA Seeks Westmounters’ Opinion on Dog Run Location

Westmount, Friday 26th September 2014 – The Westmount Municipal Association is asking all Westmounters to have their voice heard on the potential location for Westmount’s third dog run. In a study, conducted by Hodgins and Associates, 8 potential sites were identified including the former dog run located . . . → Read More: WMA Press Release on the Dog Run Issue

WMA Dog Run Poll

Two weeks ago, we invited our members to take the time to visit the proposed dog run sites and form your own opinions and indicated that we would be conducting a survey of all our members within the next week.

Please fill in the poll below and complete all of the questions. Your responses will determine which . . . → Read More: WMA Dog Run Poll

Dog Run Issues

The WMA is working hard on the issue of the replacement of the dog run formerly at Lansdowne/St Catherine and we sent a task force to look at all the proposed sites in the Hodgins report that the City had commissioned. We also issued a white paper on July 2nd 2013 on dog issues within Westmount . . . → Read More: Dog Run Issues