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2018-2019 Board Nominations

President: Dr Paul Marriott
Past President: Dr Maureen Kiely
Vice President: Liz McCallum
Treasurer: Antonio D’Amico
Secretary: Christine Cardinal


  • Joanne Wallace
  • Gabriel Felcarek
  • Johanna Stosik
  • Lucas Smalley
  • Anne-Marie Merkly
  • Nigel Goddard

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WMA AGM 23rd May – Call for Nominations

The WMA AGM is fast approaching  – Wednesday May 23rd at 18:30 in Victoria Hall – more details on the event and our topic this year -  “Round Table discussion: Making Westmount an Accessible Community” will be circulated shortly.

Before that, it’s time to call for nominations for members to serve on our board of directors for 2018-2019. There are lots of issues to tackle this coming year and so we need a vibrant board to represent the entire community.

Please send an email to

For anyone who wishes to see what we’re about, there will be board meeting on Monday 14th May at 19:00 in the Westmount Library.

Thank you to all who sent in nominations for the Volunteer of the year. The worthy recipient will be announced next week.

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Public Meeting – Your Pool, Your Voice – April 16th

City polls indicated 81% support for building a new indoor pool in Westmount. The WMA is organizing a public meeting on April 16th at 7:00pm in The Westmount Room in the Library in order for residents to express their opinion as to what sort of pool to build and where to build it. Come and join the discussion and add your voice to the debate.

For anyone who cannot attend the meeting, you can send your comments to Comments on our blog are disabled due to previous abuse, but we are happy to receive emails.

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2017 Election Results

2017 Election Results

Mayor Patrick Martin 1878
Christina Smith 3619
Beryl Wajsman 528
District 1 Anitra Bostock  259
Antonio D’Amico 255
Kirk Polymenakos 94
District 2 Philip A. Cutler [Acclaimed]
District 3 Jeff Shamie [acclaimed]
District 4 Rosalind Davis 372
Conrad Peart 497
District 5 Marina Brzeski 398
Elaine Carsley 33
Gabriel Felcarek 89
Christian Matossian 362
District 6 George Fourniotis 63
Mary Gallery 597
Joanne Wallace 128
District 7 Cynthia Lulham 424
Johanna Stosik 349
District 8 Kathleen Kez 325
Theodora Samiotis 322

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Meet The Council Candidates 18th October

Meet The Council Candidates 18th October Victoria Hall 19:00 – 22:00

Bernard St-Laurent - credit CBC

Bernard St-Laurent

Guest Moderated by former CBC Political Analyst Bernard St-Laurent

Doors opened to the public at 18:30

Candidates were  required to meet in the kitchen at Victoria Hall by 18:45. Each candidate, in alphabetical order by district,  presented for 90 seconds. The floor was then opened to the public for questions. Each questioner  stated their name and district and was  given 30 seconds to pose their question. After the public question period was over the candidates, in reverse order, were  given 60 seconds to deliver their closing remarks.

District 1 District 4 District 5
  • Anitra Bostock
  • Antonio D’Amico
  • Kirk Polymenakos
  • Rosalind Davis (Incumbent)
  • Conrad Peart
  • Marina Brzeski
  • Elaine Carsley
  • Gabriel Felcarek
  • Christian Matossian
District 6 District 7 District 8
  • George Fourniotis
  • Mary Gallery
  • Joanne Wallace
  • Cynthia Lulham (Incumbent)
  • Johanna Stosik
  • Kathleen Kez
  • Theodora Samiotis (Incumbent)

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2017 AGM Wrap Up

Thank you to all who attended our AGM last week. Particularly thanks go to our Derek Walker Volunteer of the Year, seen here receiving the award from Patricia Dumais (l), Paul Marriott (r) and Maureen Kiely (far r).

Dan Lambert Volunteer of the Year 2017

Special mention must be made of the magnificent introduction given to the guest of honour, Mayor Peter Trent, by the extraordinary Derek Drummond. The audience roared with laughter as Derek summarized Mayor Trent’s many decades in office in Westmount.

Mayor Trent gave an interesting presentation on his perspectives of the development of Westmount and talked of the “two Westmounts” – distinct demographic areas. The document he presented can be seen by clicking here.

As usual with AGM guest speakers, the WMA presents a book that will be placed in the library in their honour. The book chosen for Mayor Trent is
Governing Cities Through Regions: Canadian and European Perspectives
by Roger Keil (Editor), Pierre Hamel (Editor), Julie-Anne Boudreau (Editor), Stefan Kipfer (Editor) – Wilfrid Laurier University Press (Dec 12 2016).

Peter Trent receives book award

Mayor Trent was also presented with Honourary Life Membership of the WMA for his contributions to the residents of Westmounts during his terms as councilor and Mayor.

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2017 Annual General Meeting Agenda

Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle
Wednesday, 10 May 2017 / le mercredi 10 mai 2017 Victoria Hall, 7 pm / 19h
Agenda / Ordre du jour

  1. Call to order / Ouverture de l’assemblée
  2. Approval of the agenda / Approbation de l’ordre du jour
  3. Approval of Minutes of previous AGM held on 18 May 2016 Approbation du procès-verbal de l’assemblée précédente tenue le 18 mai 2016 WMA_AGM_2016-minutes
  4. Reports / Rapports
  5. Election of Board of Directors Election des membres du conseil d’administration
  6. New Business / Nouvelles affaires
  7. Adjournment / Clôture de l’assemblée

Presentation of the Derek Walker Award for Volunteer Citizen of the Year to Daniel Lambert
Présentation du prix Derek Walker honorant la citoyenne bénévole de l’année, Daniel Lambert

Guest Speaker / Conférencier invité Peter F. Trent

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2017 Derek Walker Volunteer of the Year Recipient

The WMA is delighted to name Lansdowne resident Dan Lambert as the recipient of the 2017 Derek Walker Volunteer of the Year award.

Dan began promoting walking and cycling in 2009 with the co-founding of the Association of Pedestrians and Cyclists of Westmount.

Dan Lambert

Dan Lambert

  • He is also a founding member of the Association of Pedestrians and Cyclists of NDG.
  • The mission of both organizations is simple – to promote walking and cycling in the city.
  • He has dedicated much time to encouraging the municipal authorities to provide safe year-round sidewalks, bike paths and intersections.
  • In Westmount, the association established a popular annual cycling education course for children to help encourage the next generation to use the road safely and to respect other road users.
  • Those efforts have benefited from the support of both the Public Safety department and the Police.
  • Increasingly he is working on Montreal-wide cycling issues through the Montreal Bike Coalition, for which he is a spokesperson.
  • His role in these organizations has meant that he is frequently asked by the media to comment on walking and cycling issues.
  • He also sits on committees, attends meetings and conferences dealing with the future of active transportation in Montreal.
  • He works to encourage municipal and federal authorities to provide safe year-round bike paths in the Montreal area.
  • Safe bike paths are key since the rule ‘you build it they will come’ applies to cycling.

Dan was nominated by John Fretz and will be presented with the award at the 2017 Annual General Meeting, which is being held at 19:00 on Wednesday May 10th in Victoria Hall, following a reception beginning at 18:30.

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Christina Smith Acclaimed as Mayor of Westmount

The WMA would like to congratulate Councillor Christina Smith, who was acclaimed as Mayor today, Monday April 24th 2017, following the resignation of Mayor Peter Trent on April 13th.

Mayor Smith pledged to continue the work done by Mayor Trent with an assurance that the Westmount Conservatory would be rebuilt and a focus maintained on a sustainable and livable community with continued priority to pedestrians and active transportation. Mayor Smith noted the high degree of civic engagement in the community and said she would strive to maintain the architectural heritage as well as serve all residents.

The WMA looks forward to working with Mayor Smith for the benefit of all Westmounters.

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Process for selecting the interim mayor

There seems to be some misunderstanding as to what happens after Mayor Trent leaves office on April 13th in terms of the appointment of an interim replacement. According to Quebec’s Cities and Towns act, there can either be a full by-election or the selection of the replacement from within the ranks of the current council. This latter option is the one that will be used, since we have a general election this coming November.

On Monday April 24th, at 7pm in the Council Chamber, the interim mayor will be chosen from the current councilors and put to a vote. As Councilor Forbes will be the acting Mayor, she will not vote unless a tie-break is required.

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